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It’s not often that either I or my kids get gifts before Christmas. However a lovely little box arrived at my door two days before Christmas containing a very special jigsaw puzzle. My kids were getting rather bored and fidgety awaiting Santas arrival and so I decided to get it all out and sit down and do something as a family, which Unfortunately is not something we get to do often.
The puzzle came from Wentworths Jigsaws who have been producing crafted wooden jigsaws since 1994.
These jigsaws come in all shapes, themes and sizes from 30 pieces right up to over a 1500.
The jigsaws come in a sturdy box with the pieces all together in a handy drawstring carry pouch bearing the Wentworth logo,

The jigsaws certainly differ from the standard ones. Firstly the pieces are all made from 3mm wooden board and not the usual cardboard making the pieces much sturdier and longer lasting. The pieces themselves are really unusual and again so much different in shape and size than other jigsaws I have done.

No two pieces are the same. There are no standard corner pieces and therefore the jigsaws are more challenging and also more fun at the same time.
The jigsaws contain pieces called Whimsy Pieces which are specially shaped pieces which relate to the picture theme. My jigsaw was Noah’s ark and I found a gorilla, bird, tiger, fish and a fair few other animal shapes.

So we opened up the bag of pieces and spread then out on the table. There was myself, Ryan aged 9, and Jordanna aged 6 doing this puzzle and at first we were all a little confused by the strange pieces and how they would all fit together. We studied the picture of Noah’s ark on the box with the many bright coloured animals (lots of them). Me and Jordanna concentrated on the water and rainbow whilst Ryan attempted the middle ark bit.

The kids did comment on its being a little hard but had lots of fun trying to complete it.

The straight middle pieces and dissected corners add to the difficulty as do the tiny gaps for say bird wings or animal gaps to slot into to.
Anyway I think it took around half an hour and then it was completed.


Of course I did the majority but kids seemed happy once completed.
This Noah’s Ark puzzle contained 50 pieces. I think I would like the challenge of the next size up but I couldn’t imagine trying one of their 1500 piece puzzles.
Aswell as over 100 beautiful themes and picture jigsaws to choose from, you can even make a family photograph or special picture into your own jigsaw.
The Noah’s Ark jigsaw starts from Β£24.95 and the wooden pieces means it will last a long time.
I have now taken the jigsaw apart and will re attempt it on my own very soon.

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