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Wooly and Tig are action dramas about a little girl named Tig and her cuddly toy spider Wooly. The stories explore feelings that children may experience in new or unknown situations such as nursery, hospital etc.
Wooly and Tig is aimed at children ages 3-5 years.
The first Wooly and Tig app is now available to purchase for apple devices for just Β£2.99 and can be purchased in the App Store
The app loads quickly with no sign in or annoying registration. The first thing parents and children will see is Wooly the spider.

Wooly will talk and interact with children and children can interact back with Wooly by following a few simple touch screen commands such as tickling, stroking and hugging. Wooly will also help with learning as he shouts out numbers. Children will also be delighted to help Wooly get dressed or brush his teeth almost like a virtual cuddly pet.
There is an added feature of a scheduler which parents can access.

The scheduler enables parents to set reminders for children for daily routines such as getting dressed, brushing teeth and even playing.

It’s a nice little app which isn’t too expensive. It uses 395MB of memory and suitable for ages 4+ although Izebella happily sits on my knee watching Wooly and laughs her little head off and she is only one.
My only problem with this app is that if your anything like me you don’t want your children touching your expensive apple devices too much. I assume there will probably be an android version in the near future as the android devices can cost much less.

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