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The Metal Picture Company is based in Cheshire and specialise in infusing images or words onto specially coated aluminium. Thus transforming photographs into breathtaking pieces of artwork. All the products are designed and handmade by a British team of designers.
The metal pictures are absolutely stunning and will really stand out on show in any setting. The colours are amazing and shiny and the quality is outstanding. This is the first time I have seen pictures like these and have to say they are certainly much better than the traditional canvas ones and better than any photo frame too. Here is mine of my 3 children.

And from the back

These beautiful metal pictures almost look like glass, they really do stand out and I would highly recommend getting your most treasured family photos made into one of these.
The pictures save the need for a photo frame too as it can just be hung as it is and has a stand and hanging hook at the back of it. I have not decided where mine will go just yet but it will certainly be a centre piece whichever room it goes in and guaranteed to have my visitors talking.
The pictures contain a specialist coating which is resistant to fading, stains, moisture and scratches meaning your precious picture will stay looking shiny and new for years to come. The aluminium is made from 100% recyclable metal and is wipe clean.
To make your photo you can just visit their website and upload a photo or email them with photo and instructions, details of which are found on the website. Or you can post your photo to them.
As well as having your photographs turned into a beautiful metal picture, you can also have favourite expressions or sayings made into metal pictures or coasters. Perhaps there is a phrase your family use a lot or words that have deep meaning. A hanging picture with those words could be made for you or as a gift for someone special. Just like this one.

A selection of name plates and festive decorations are also available too.
The metal pictures (photographs) start at just Β£15 for size A5 and go right up to huge 700×700 size. There is currently a special offer on. If you buy one photograph you get another half price. Perfect for Christmas gifts or gifts for any special occasion.

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