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I recently came across a fairly new up and running company a few days ago called Traiteur De Paris. They sell extra special selections of canapés and party foods all made by French chefs in France and many hand finished. They are designed especially for the festive period. They are sure to be a great hit at any party.
The foods are delivered to your door via a next day courier and come specially prepared on trays and packaged. The trays arrived frozen and packed with dry ice to preserve freshness.

I was very happy to see an extra large and rather heavy box arrive yesterday morning.
First is the savoury selection of Canapés £19.50 There are 28 in total.

There are four delicious different canapés in total. When you receive the trays it’s best to leave the trays to defrost at room temperature for approximately 3 hours or so on the day you wish to use them.

These Canapés make amazing party food and give any party that touch of class. A real change to the usual sandwiches and sausage rolls.
Smoked Salmon and Lemon cream seasoned Fish with Lemon always blends so well I think.
Chicken and mustard pepper squares
Tomato breads with goats cheese, chives, cream and sun dried tomatos a perfect combination.
Swedish breads with crab cream and lemon I was slightly sceptical about the whole crab cream thing but honestly it’s very nice and not too strong on the whole fishy taste.

Petits Fours Tray £19.50
This delightful assortment of fine cakes will be sure to go down a fine treat on Christmas Day or any other time.

The tray consists of 24 assorted mini luxury treats. Everyone is sure to have their favourite of the six different varieties.

There are 4 of each variety to divulge into.
Apricot and Almond tartlets nutty and fruity
Red fruit jelly and raspberry almonides very sweet
Tatin style apple shortbreads like mini apple pies with an infusion of delicious shortbread.
Orange almonides a zesty and nutty one.
Vanilla and chocolate slices no explanation needed just amazing
Chocolate shortbread with chocolate ganache heavenly
These cakes will be a big hit but don’t be too surprised if they disappear quickly as they are very scrumptious.

Mini Pot Dessert Tray £13.50
More mouth watering desserts for that very exclusive festive party. This time the desserts come in pots on two trays of 16. This time there are 4 amazing diverse flavours to choose from meaning you get 8 of each one.

Look at how beautiful these mini pots look and they taste even better.

Raspberry trifle decorated with pistachio nut pieces It’s creamy, nutty, zingy and fruity.
Lemon cream with meringue and crumble base A zesty luxury treat and I love the lemon creamy flavours, it’s a little like an upmarket mini lemon meringue pie.
Coffee and mascarpone style Tiramisus Coffee lovers cwill love these.
Chocolate mouses with chocolate sauce and ganache cream I love chocolate desserts this is divine.

Macaroons Tray

These macaroons are all made in France and come on trays of 36 with 6 individual flVours. They are very sweet and tasty and delicious with a nice cup of tea or coffee and of course again a great party hit. The six flavours are Chocolate, Pistachio, Lemon, Raspberry, Vanilla and Coffee my overall favourite has to be Pistachio.

Macaroon tray is £22

These trays will definitely add that touch of luxury to your Christmas dinner or your party be if Christmas or new year or any other occasion you wish to celebrate.Sohead to http://www.traiteurdeparisonline.co.uk and get your party food delivered to your home. No rushing around in shops or waiting in queues.
The food arrives frozen and can either be defrosted or kept in the freezer until needed. The products have a long shelf life with some of them up to a year. Dates are of course printed on the box.
The customer service is great too. A very helpful service.
There is an offer of 10% off when purchasing all four trays. These would be a great idea for functions too aswell as home parties.

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