Magix Photo Manager 12 Deluxe

I take so many photos. I take photos of my kids, trips, holidays and Christmas time. Many just get left on the computer and forgot about. Some photos don’t look quite right or are too light/ dark.
I came across some great software perfecting for photo creation and optimisation.
Photo Manager 12 Deluxe from Magix has so many features and possibilities to it. The main feature being the ability to optimize/ edit and transform photographs. There are lots of options and effects and with a few clicks photographs can easily be improved or totally altered.
The software installation was easy and quick. Within five minutes it had installed and placed easy one click icons on my desktop( Windows 8). After creating a quick free account I was ready to go.
When the software is first opened you are greeted with the Magix software screen and given an option to watch some helpful tutorials. I would recommend you watch the first one at least and then just click back to the others and you advance along as it can take a while to work and navigate around the software. Once back on the main Magix screen you can the begin by importing your photographs and videos. I was surprised how fast they were imported, it was literally instant and I have a few hundred pictures on my computer. Once imported the screen will look similar to this.

You should beable to see all of your albums and photographs displayed.
If your a novice to photo software (like me) you will probably just want to have a play around with altering pictures at first. This is really easy. You simply click on a photograph and it will be displayed on a screen of its own. Hit the green optimise button and your presented with a list of features.

From here you are able to do a range of things such as brighten, sharpen, red eye removal, straighten horizon, white balance plus several fun photo effects, all of which have a slider allowing you to adjust the intensity effects.
Once you have added effects and adjusted your picture you can save it or cancel/undo. You can then return to the Magix screen and access a while host of other options via the task drop down button.

The task menu has lots of sub menus. You are able to sort your photos by date and create virtual albums. Also more optimising effects take place via the Photo Designer Studiohere you can crop, add text, create FX and so much more. Far too much to mention in one post.
I’m not a professional photographer nor photo editor and only had the software a short time. Therefore I’m still learning what everything does and how to do this or that. It is however lots of fun and keeps me occupied. I was able to transform this originally picture of Jordanna.

I adjusted the brightness, sharpness and other things, then added a sepia effect and got this.

20131125-140314.jpg Then I flipped the image, cropped and a few other touches and changed to this.

It’s quite effective and photos can easily become unrecognisable with warped effects and so on.
Media can easily be transferred to flash drives, CDs , DVDs and smart phones. Media can also be saved in your own online picture databank which is password protected.
The other features include Flexible search optionsto find the best photos fast, sort photos by category/date etc, find photos via face recognition/ person search. Great tools for finding and Archiving pictures.
Panorama Montages allows several similar images to be combined into a panorama shot. I have not got around to trying this out yet.
My Photobook print service enables you to choose best photos and enables you to use the intergrated my Photobook tool to design and create high quality photo books, calendars, posters and lots more which then get sent off for printing and delivered to your home.
Aswell as all the above and so much more that I have not yet got around to exploring. You also get installed on the PC desktop a separate application called MAGIX Slideshow Maker 2. As the name states the program enables users to make very nice slideshows using your best photographs. Again it’s simple to use and lots if extra features to make your slideshows the best. Background music can be added along with text and more. Display durations can be set too. There are several effects that can be added. Again it’s all new to me so I’m having fun playing around adding effects and seeing what works best. The slide shows are amazing and the right music makes it even better.

I could go on forever about the features the software has but you would probably get bored eventually. To see the full features head to the Magix website for more details.
This software retails around Β£49.99 and can be purchased directly from MAGIX
As part of my 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, I will be giving away a copy of this with full download details and activation key. Therefore please check back daily if you would like a chance of winning a copy for yourself in time for Christmas.


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