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Truffle Shuffle love the 80s as do I, I grew up in the 80s and remember so many quirky fun things from my childhood. I love coming across sites dedicated to selling 80s memorabilia. Truffle Shuffle have so many great items which would make great Christmas gifts.
Truffle Shuffle is like a dream come true for any 80s fan or collector of nostalgic things. I was amazed by how many lovely products they have, all of which bring back a certain fond memory and that sudden thought OH I REMEMBER THAT!.
There are gifts for both young and old alike and everything is fairly inexpensive too.
Firstly and most importantly if your a parent. There are several gifts for the kids. Now ok kids won’t remember the 80s as they were not born then but many kids would have seen the old famous films of the 80s days many of which are absolute classics and even watched a few old episodes of 80s kids tv on the numerous sky channels. Truffle Shuffle have a host of kids gifts which include toys, clothes, mugs, bags and many more. Perhaps one of these takes your fancy.

First is the famous Cocacola Christmas Truck which has been appearing on Christmas adverts since I can remember and is still on our screens now. Children can now own their own amazing diecast model which they can proudly show their own children one day. My 9 year old would love one of these.
Next a T-shirt of toy story. A famous animated kids film from back in the day yet still a big hit with today’s children. My kids have all the toy story films. This is just one of many T-shirts available in the kids collection. Others include lion king, Spider-Man, TMNT , Snow White.
Next probably one of my favourite kids items is Gizmo from the movie Gremlins. Another classic 80s movie which I for one never get bored of watching. This furry creature measures 6 inches. Just make sure you don’t feed him after midnight.
Lastly a backpack which most kids love. A multitude of uses be it for school or visiting relatives etc. Again they come with different themes and characters. This one is TMNT which despite them first appearing well over 25 years ago they have never gone out of fashion. My son has lots of things with the turtles on.

Next gifts for the men. Most men are like big kids at heart and love things that remind them of their childhood. So whether it’s husband, older son, dad, brother or grandad, you are sure to find that special piece of nostalgia at Truffle Shuffle.

20131115-135240.jpg. The big boys would be in their element with gifts such as these.
Fans of Back to the Future will love owning their own diecast model of a delorean time machine just like in the movie. It even has doors that open up.
For the man who loved Dr Who as a little boy, how about a Dalek alarm clock or perhaps something else to do with the Daleks. Those things scared me as a child.
Spider-Man is a very well known famous character. There are so many Spider-man products to choose from such as phone covers and cups etc.
Or maybe the hobbit and Lord of the Rings is more of their thing. Again mugs and a selection of products available for these well known movies.

Onto my favourite section. Yes ladies time and it certainly did not disappoint. Being a lady myself who grew up in the 80s this section was definitely for me.

I don’t think there is an adult or child who hasn’t heard of the Mr Men. Little Miss Trouble was my nickname from my parents whilst I was a child so the quirky cup is definitely for me.
I loved Sesame Street as a very young child with freaky big bird and the catchy theme tune and just love the retro T-shirt,
Another T-Shirt from what has to be one of my all time favourite kids tv shows Fraggle Rock what an absolute classic of a show. I love it and always look for it on the kids channels as sometimes it’s on. I even have the theme tune on my phone.
The last funky looking item is a retro style telephone in the shape of lips. Very retro and quite stylish too I think.

For those Movie loversthere are hundreds of products available all with old well known movies. One movie in particular is my absolute favourite and you may have seen it in other posts. It’s Labyrinth. A very famous kids movie from the 80s with perhaps a slightly twisted dark gothic fantasy edge to it. It starred David Bowie and featured a whole host of magical creatures created by the Jim Henson Company. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched this movie over and over again. Yes it’s sad but I know all the words ha. My kids love it too. Labyrinth memorabilia is incredibly hard to come by. Truffle Shuffle sell some lovely ladies tops and jumpers featuring the movies characters.


Finally perhaps if you are looking for something with that Christmassy feel for the lady in your life these very cute Christmas Pudding Vests would make a perfect novelty gift for Christmas.

I have one myself and I love it. It features a huge Christmas pudding on the front which looks good enough to eat. They come in five different sizes from Xsmall.
Great for wearing as a pyjama top and looks quite sexy too with a pair of shorts. Will definitly help you get into the festive spirit.
So if it’s movies, tv shows, pop or just something cool and retro that your after then pop over to Truffle Shuffle and find that dream gift.

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  1. November 27, 2013 / 13:16

    I would like one of everything please….lol
    Truffle Shuffle is a great site….I could easily spend a small fortune on there….

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