Christmas at Bisquites

Bisquites sell beautiful hand decorated biscuits and have introduced an exciting Christmas rangeof delicious and very festive looking treats.
One of the Christmas products which is guaranteed to be popular is this charming biscuit hamper packed full of tasty Xmas surprises.

20131107-200932.jpg. The wicker picnic basket adds a lovely traditional old fashioned touch and when opened it’s almost like a little straw nest inside and lots of fun looking for the buried delights.

Inside this lovely hamper are tasty shortbread biscuits, NoΓ«l biscuit letter box, snowflake bunting, mini Xmas biscuits, and candy canes on sticks. The biscuit boxes are gift packaged and tied with red ribbon. The hamper would make an exceptional wonderful gift to a anyone or even the boxes could be given as individual gifts.
The biscuits look amazing with their festive shapes of puddings, trees, stocking, canes. They look so festive with a multitude of gorgeous Christmas fancy colours. They taste delicious too although I have only tried a few so far.
The last order date for the hamper is December 8th. They will be sent by Royal Mail before December 19th in time for Christmas.
As well as the lovely biscuits, Bisquites also have a downloadable app. The app features lots of ideas for decorating cookies for almost any occasion and features easy step by step instructions plus how to videos and lots more. It can be downloaded to iPhones via the App Store. There is a free version here and if you like it you can buy the full version for just 69p here

The app will appeal to parents whose children enjoy baking as mine do. It gives lots of ideas and useful tips on how to easily create gorgeous looking biscuit designs.

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