Salmon without the fuss: Harbour Salmon

I do enjoy eating fish and salmon us one of my favourites. My problem is that I don’t like preparing it. Harbour Salmon provides a range of no stress, no mess salmon products ideal for people who don’t like handling fish or are unsure on how to cook it. Or do not like the smell.
Their salmon products are both convenient and healthy aswel as being very tasty.
I was sent some Salmon to try for myself.


The Infusions are spicy infused fillets and come in two exciting flavours – Ginger, chilli with lime and red Thai. The flavours are fully infused with the fillets giving a great taste to every bite.

The infusions are so easy to cook. The pack is placed in the microwave for a few minutes and will puff up inside. They taste delicious and juicy and is a great idea to cook salmon easily.

Salmon and Sauce
These are similar to the infusions but instead are fillets of natural salmon strips and come with a satchet of sauce in various flavours meaning you can have salmon on its own or choose to spice it up a little. This is cooked similar to the infusions above and there are other cooking options too.

I cooked mine in the microwave for a few minutes.

After microwaving the salmon was very well cooked and succulent. I then added the sauce and it made a delicious lunch time meal.


Posh Cuts & Cocktail Slices

Cocktail slices are 70g packs of smoked salmon. Each slice is pa trimmed, making sure that any brown meat is removed, to create perfectly formed petals of delicately flavoured smoked salmon. Very nice in salads, sandwiches or with pasta.
Posh Cuts are slivers and medallions of smoked salmon and perfect for making those simple dishes a little posher.

These are lovely with scrambled egg and make a rather posh breakfast. The salmon tastes and looks very fresh and just lovely.

I have really enjoyed all the products from Harbour Salmon. The salmon products make eating this delightful food so easy. Harbour Salmon products can be found in both Morrissons and Co-op stores.

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