National Chocolate Week: Guylian

Today is the start of Chocolate Week and to celebrate this, famous chocolate makers Guylian sent me some lovely chocolates to sample.
The story of Guylian starts with Guy Foubart back in 1958 in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. Guy was a passionate chocolatier and joined names with his wife Lilane both in marriage and company to create Guylian. The couple created a unique chocolate in the shape of a seashell. Guy was the one who created the signature hazelnut praline filling whilst Lilane added the artistic touch by designing the sculptured shapes and shiny marbled look and the Guylian seahorse became the brands famous icon.

The seahorse chocolates are made with 100% pure Belgian chocolate filled with heavenly creamy chocolate praline combined with finely ground caramelised hazelnuts giving the ultimate tempting chocolate experience. These really are fine artisanal chocolates without the expensive price tag.

They have a shiny luxury look to them. They are made with fine detail with a small eye and tail and the shape of the seahorse is very distinct. They taste amazing and once you start eating them they are very hard to put down. It’s best to hide them away from children and have them as a secret mummy/daddy treat once they are tucked up in bed as these seahorse are just too nice to share no matter how big a box it is.

The seahorses come in small boxes of 46g costing about a Β£1 and larger 374g boxes for approx Β£10. Great as a nice gift for your partner, mother or me if your feeling kind enough. Apparently nice for sharing too but not in my case as these are all mine. Oh ok I let my kids have one each?
Both the seahorses and seashells can be purchased at many supermarkets or by going to Guylian Shop where there are also lots of other Guylian products to purchase which may be more difficult to find else where.
There is a charitable element involved with the Guylian chocolates. Every time someone buys they are supporting Project Seahorse which is an international Marine Conservation Organisation.
National Chocolate Week is here and an excellent excuse to buy a box of Guylian for someone close or even for yourself.

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