Really want to move and preferably before December

I have been wanting to move house for a while. I first thought about it whilst having Izebella.
My house is rented and a 3 bedroom which is suitable for me and my children. The problems are – first I live on a main road meaning there is no where for the kids to really play and constant cars plus a bus going up and down making it dangerous.
Secondly my house backs on to a motorway meaning all we hear when sat in garden or when windows/doors are open is motorway noise. I can hear it at night in my bedroom with windows shut and it can get quite annoying especially when they decide to do world at 4am with bangs, screeches and flashing lights right through the window which happens every few months.
Third – the house is let’s say in a rather bad state. My hallway and living room walks have large chunks of plaster coming away. The wallpaper and paint are peeling off and bulging and there are huge cracks and holes every where. There is also constant black mould on walls and skirting boards which comes back no matter how many times I wipe it.
As you can see it’s pretty bad and a huge crack right near a plug socket too. The black mould is especially worrying with a baby and two young children.
I have been offered another house in same area which is not on a main road nor near a motorway.
It looks nice outside but I havnt yet viewed as Bolton at Home housing seem to be dragging their feet. They say this new house needs major works and no idea when it will be ready for viewing. In the meantime whilst I am waiting to view this home (which may not even be suitable ) my current home will be advertised and even offered to someone else whilst I’m still in it. It’s an absolute joke that they are making me stay in a house with damp , mould and holes.
I will update as the move hopefully progresses.
Fingers crossed for next month if not this one.



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  1. October 12, 2013 / 23:30

    I would ask them when are you able to view it as you cant sort anything, have you thought about going private?

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