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Everyone has a few things they would like to change about their body’s. My first would be my saggy post c section tummy which I hate and would happily have a tuck if I could afford it. The second is my teeth. I have been unfortunate to inherit bad teeth. My father has has false teeth since his 20s and my mums teeth aren’t great either. Add to that severe fear of the dentist and my teeth aren’t going to be good.
I am constantly spending money (and lots of it) on expensive brands of toothpaste and oral care products, mouthwashes etc. I do not smoke and never have done but yet my teeth always appear slightly stained and I certainly don’t have thousands for professional whitening or veneers.
I was recently asked if I would like to try out toothpaste known as Beverly Hills Formula.

I received two toothpastes – Perfect White and Perfect White Sensitive. Both of these help to protect and maintain teeth by combatting bad breath, tartar build up, debris, stains and also help to prevent gum disease. Beverly Hills range of toothpastes are proven to be less abrasive than many other whitening brands making it kinder to teeth and suitable for everyday use.

Independent research at a leading dental school proved that Beverly Hills formula are more effective at removing stains compared to other leading brands. They are enriched with key ingredients such as advanced Hydrated Silica which offers advanced whitening enhancer. Perfect White Sensitive has the added benefit of Potassium Citrate for immediate sensitivity relief.

The toothpaste comes out as a blueish light gel. The taste is not too bad (I hate strong and more well known brands of toothpaste) and a little goes a long way. Obviously this is not a miracle cure and white teeth don’t appear after one brushing. However after a weeks use my teeth do appear slightly whiter and it does make my breath and mouth feel nice, clean and fresh.
The toothpastes come in 75ml tubes and have an RRP of just Β£3.99 which compared to many of the toothpaste I have bought previously is very cheap. It is a good daily use toothpaste which all the family can use.
The toothpastes can be purchased from Superdrug.


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