Pinkie Cooper & Friends runway collection & jetset pets

Pinkie Cooper is a jet setting fashionist who travels the world with her jet set pals.

Jordanna was sent the lovely Beverly Hills themed fashion doll by Flair toys.
Pinkie Cooper is a brand new fashion doll which will appeal to young girls. She is different to other fashion dolls has her face resembles half human and half English spaniel. She has gorgeous long hair which Jordanna enjoys styling and fashionable clothes and boots. She also comes with a little bag and sunglasses and also included is Pinkies little pet dog.

Pinkie has two friends called Ginger Jones and Pepper Parsons these too fashion dolls can also be purchased to complete the set. The dolls cost Β£14.99. Each doll in the range has interchangeable hair styles and their own jet set pets which can be purchased separately for Β£9.99. The pets have their own co-ordinating accessories.
There is also a jet set case (Β£21.99)in this range which allows girls to store all the clothes and accessories in. Like a doll wardrobe.
Jordanna was also sent one of the jet set pets called Sprinkles.

20130912-095456.jpg Sprinkles comes in a cute purple sparkly outfit and has lots of accessories such as a tiara and dog bowl. There is also a throne like chair for this adorable pet. It’s very cute and I have no doubt that Jordanna will want the other dolls and accessories in this collection for Christmas.



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