Hedrin Protect & Go

Last week saw the start of the new school year for Ryan and Jordanna. I have been very busy getting everything prepared for school and getting back into the morning rush routines. Going back to school for Jordanna almost always means a dose of the dreaded Head Lice. She has very curly thick bushy hair which is lovely but very prone to lice, she has lots of friends at school and they must at some point rub their heads together as I have recently read that headlice cannot jump, they simply crawl from one head to the other.
Hedrin are the UKs number one headlice brand and have recently introduced a new product called Hedrin Protect & Go

It is a clinically proven headlice protection and conditioning spray. It can be used from six months of age meaning Izebella can have it on her hair too. It’s really simple to use as the label says simply Protect & Go. I use it twice weekly on Jordannas hair by spraying liberally all over and combing in. It has a very pleasant fragrance too with an orange and mango scent meaning no more nasty obvious nit lotion odours. It is skin friendly too and leaves hair soft.
Jordanna has been back at school over a week now and so far so good – no lice for now at least.

This product can be found in most chemists and stores and is fairly inexpensive. Prices will vary at different stores but generally costs around Β£4.30 for 120ml bottle.

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