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A lovely package full of kids fun bathing products arrived at my door a few days ago. The well known Cussons Mum & Me brand have introduced a fabulous and fun bathtime range called Little Explorers. The products in the range are suitable for small toddlers and young children and smell great plus lots of fun at bathtime as we soon found out.

Their are four products in this range and each has a quirky little character corresponding to the product. Squidge, Blip, Splash and Fizz. They are the cute little heart shape characters which you can see on the pictures. I was sent some of the products to try with my kids. Ryan considers his self too old for baths now being 9 but Jordanna and little Izebella couldn't wait to get in the bath and try them out.

Funky Fizz Bath Crackles

This is certainly a very unique product for children. I have bought many bathing products and never seen anything like these before (children's range) it's almost like a little packet if the retro popping candy only kids can't eat this of course.

After filling up the bath you pout these in and they magically start to fizz, pop and crackle. They also turn the bath a green/ blue colour making it very exciting for my little 6 year old.

It's a shame we never had anything like these when I was a youngster or I would of never been out of the bath.


Blue bath

Super Soft Squidgy Soap

Another enjoyable bathtime product is this can of fun squirty soap. The soap comes out as a foam and can be shaped, moulded, bounced in hands and played with whilst getting clean.

It has a very gentle formula and contains jojoba oil and vitamin E and leaves young skin very soft and smooth Adeel as smelling great too.

I managed to get a picture to show you what this stuff looks like once squirted.

Lots of fun with this stuff

Happy Splashy Hair & Body Wash

After all the bath fun and playing it was time for my princesses to get a proper all over wash including their hair which little Izebella hates.

This hair and body wash smells fabulous and has a creamy formula which is kind to eyes and skin. It's a great two in one product because after washing and pampering all over it was time to wash hair. It saves the need for two different products and leaves hair soft and shiny and detangled. Jordanna loved the smell and for once Izebella didn't cry when I did her hair so I can only assume she liked it too.

There is also a mega mild bubble bath in the range too.

The products can be purchased from Boots and more information can be found here. All these products are very low priced and they are certainly something I would buy again in the very near future. They start from Β£1.00 – Β£2.99.


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