My Wondercube

Izebella was sent My Wondercube, a soft bright educational cube toy designed for babies and young children age from birth upwards. Each side of the cube features a member of the Wonder family which are a family of colourful bunnies – Max the dad, Min the mum, Mimi daughter and Munchy son.

Inside the cube are fillings. The fillings are a little like cloth books except that all the cloth pages can be pulled apart and stuck back together to form a story or letter chain or pattern depending on which filling you use. There are currently 9 different fillings to choose from which include letters, shapes, emotions and the one Izebella got was Goldilocks and 3 bears.

The fillings don't have words on them as obviously young children cannot read yet. The fillings are to be placed inside Wondercube and babies and toddlers will absolutely love pulling them out one by one.whilst doing this you can interact with your little one looking at each picture and pointing things out and tell them stories. It's fun for both.

Izebella especially enjoys this. Before getting the Wondercube she would happily sit and take all the baby wipes out of the packets one by one or all her toys out of her bucket or anything she gets her hands on, so the Wondercube is a lovely alternative.

The Wondercube can really help towards children's learning in many ways. It can aid fine motor skills and help with numbers, letters and shapes with the different inexpensive fillings which start from 99p.

Wondercube is made from organic cotton and use recycled packaging where ever possible. They work with Fair Trade suppliers which means better working conditions for third world producers.

Izebella is loving her Wondercube. My Wondercube starts from Β£14.99 and can be purchased directly from Wondercube UK.



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