Doodle Bits


Doodle Bits are a new independent company bringing a huge choice of quality cards, art supplies, office stationary and much more at low cost. They have cards suitable for almost any occasion plus invites, notebooks and lots more.

We were sent a large pack of products which will certainly come in useful in the next few months or so.


It's always handy to have packs of cards stored just in case you forget about a birthday or anniversary or perhaps a relative gets sick or you want to say thank you or good luck. If you don't have time to trawl around shops looking for a simple card to send then they are very useful to have when needed. Doodle Bugs have cards for every occasion from birthdays, weddings and new baby right to saying sorry and good luck plus if you don't have an occasion and just want to send a nice card or note then there are blank cards too for your own words. The cards are on high quality paper with envelopes.


Doodle Bits also supply a great range of invitations. So whether you are having a birthday party for children (or adults) or a christening, wedding or other occasion they have invites to suit in all different sizes, patterns and colours to suit your need. As well as invites there are also note packs allowing you for instance to announce a birth to your friends or let people know you have moved house and of course blank invites and note packs too.

Notepads & Journals

I was also sent a nice zip notepad. Notebooks come in so handy for my blog; whilst I agree many people store notes a d things on computers and phones I often find I lose things and forget what folder I have put which file in. With a notebook it's easier to find bits of information I have jotted down and therefore it helps keep on top of things. Again Doodle Bits have a fair range of these both in A4 and A5 size as well as journals too. All in lovely bright colours and patterns to choose from.

Post it Notes

I was sent some Small Neon Post It Notes from the Office Supplies range. They come in a large size too and handy for leaving notes around the house for your family or even a reminder for yourself if you are forgetful. Also very useful for putting at the side of the phone as I always tend to forget what people say especially when it's important. The notes are brightly coloured and very cheap and therefore kids will enjoy using them too. Other items in their Office Supplies include hole punchers and staplers.


I was also sent a useful Taj Mahal accessory clutch which is obviously a great thing to have to store pens and stationary items in. I think it would make a great make up bag too.

This is just a small range of what Doodle Bits sell. They have lots of products which are useful for e Jo e, office and back to school. All at low prices.


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