Prezzybox Pundits

I am now part of the Prezzybox Pundits which means I get sent some lovely gizmos from Prezzybox and let them know what I think.
My first pundit assignment was the Russian Doll Measuring Cups which you can view here. The doll cups are a very decorative and useful kitchen item. They resemble the famous Russian dolls but each half of the doll is also a measuring cup unit from 1/4 cup all the way to a full cup. They all fit snugly inside each other when not needed and look pretty on a window or sideboard. They cost Β£9.95 and made from very tough hard wearing plastics so will certainly last a long time.



Prezzybox are currently offering a special discount code to any of my blog readers. Simply visit Prezzybox choose what you like and enter PREZZYBLOGGERS100 at checkout for a 10% discount until October 31st. Prezzybox sell a huge range of fun gifts suitable for both adults and children.


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