Izebella 10 months update

My baby girl is now over ten months I can’t believe she will turn one in a few weeks. I often wonder where time goes.

She now sits perfectly alone and happily plays. She gets about via her own style of crawling. It’s so funny she seems to shuffle her body and pulls forward or backwards almost like a commando crawl combined with a half attempted real crawl where she lifts her bum in the air.
Whilst crawling she has developed a dirty habit of finding the smallest particles on the floor- bits too small for even the Hoover to suck up yet she finds them and happily picks them up a eats them unless of course I manage get to her first and take away what ever she pick up which usually results in a tantrum.
Yes my darling baby has been having tantrums for about four months now if she can’t have what she wants she will throw herself back, scream and sometimes even hit or bang her head o. Floor in temper. Quite clever really for someone so young to get her own way.
She is a beautiful girl and looks much older than ten months. Probably due to all her hair which she was born with. Very cute smile and irresistible little face I love her so much as do older brother and sister.


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    August 21, 2013 / 16:22

    she is lovely – same age as Imogen – what a perfect age

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