Chocolate Naive

Chocolate Naive is a small chocolate and ice cream manufacturer in Lithuania, set close tothe Kiementas lake.
They produce a luxury range of chocolate and chocolate products made from cacao beans which are carefully selected from exceptional farms.

The chocolate comes in a range of flavours all of which can be found on their online shop. They also sell some delicious luxury Chocolate and Hazelnut spread which I had the pleasure of reviewing.

20130802-134753.jpg this unique heavenly tasting spread is made by toasting and hand peeling hazelnuts and then adding milk and chocolate before a long and very precise production process to make it into the lovely paste.


As you can probably imagine it tastes absolutely delicious- very chocolatey and creamy. Great with cakes or on toast or crackers or even just for dipping into every now and again. It’s very easy to get addicted to this stuff ; it tastes so good.
This spread costs Β£5.25 for a 230g jar and you can but it here

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