Letts Mid Year Diary

Letts is the UKs leading diary manufacturer . They produced the first commercial diary back in 1812 after the company was founded in 1796. Letts sell more than 22 million diaries per year in 75 countries.
Letts have produced a great range of “mid-year” diaries which unlike the traditional diary which run from January – December: the mid-year diary runs from July 2013- August 2014 lasting 13 months in total. Making it a handy diary for those who perhaps did not need one at the start of year but find they do half way throughout. It also co-incides with the school year making it easier for school appointments and activities.
I was sent a diary for review with a lovely sunglasses theme.

This diary is A5 size making it small enough to fit in medium size handbags. The pages are in week view with enough space for each day to write memos and appointments and there is also a notes section too.

At the front of the diary there is a three year calendar showing which dates fall on what day so you can plan ahead. There is a great informative list of religious festivals and national holiday dates for most major countries, plus pages showing national country information such as capitals, currency, population and more- all comes in very handy for quizzes and kids questions and also if you are planning a holiday etc.

At the back of the diary there is a huge section of lined/squared and plain pages for writing own notes (very useful for blog notes) and a few pages to write down contacts which is always a good idea just incase your phone or laptop breaks.

20130802-132440.jpg. There is a ribbon bookmark too attached to diary so you don’t lose where you are up to.
This diary comes at a low price of just Β£5.99 which compared to other similar products is quite a bargain especially considering its from a well known worldwide brand.
There are several other mid-year diaries in the range with all different styles and sizes and different layouts. To view the full range simply visit Letts.

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