Bake It, Shrink It, Cupcake Charms

We were asked to review this delightful craft Bake It/Make it Cupcake charms by Great Gizmos.
The set is very simple and lots of fun especially during Summer holiday evenings or on colder days and both boys and girls will enjoy this.

The set consists of a cupcake tiered stand which you put together yourself (very easy) , 20 pre cut cupcake shaped shrinking sheets and jewel beads, keyring chains, colouring pencilsand all the parts needed plus instructions.
The first thing we had to do was colour in the shrinking sheets. These don’t look much to begin with, just like plastic shapes.


20130726-205932.jpg. It didn’t take Ryan and Jordanna long to colour in all 20 cupcakes and also assemble the cake stand.


20130726-210057.jpg. After preheating the oven to 160C we placed the coloured cupcakes on a foiled baking sheet and into the oven (obviously this bit needs to be done by an adult )

20130726-210232.jpg. Whilst in the oven something magical happens to these once largish plastic cupcakes. They start to shrink and curl and then shrink some more. Almost as if the fairies are casting a spell. It only takes a minute or two and they are ready to come out.


20130726-210510.jpg. Wow not only were the cupcakes much smaller but the colours also appeared much brighter and they were rock hard. Ryan said they felt like glass.
We were then ready to create some lovely things using the jewellery beads and hooks supplied. There were fastening rings for the cake stand but I must say these were quite fiddly to get on the cupcakes but we managed a few

20130726-210816.jpg. The end result will look like this eventually.

20130726-210911.jpg. You can also make little bracelets, earrings and keychains like this one.

My kids had lots of fun with this kit. Once the cupcakes are made they can be reused over and over again to make different things and will probably last a while.
The age guidance is 5 years+, I think five years olds will need a lot of supervision with this due to smaller parts but Jordanna (now 6) seemed to manage it quite well and had lots of fun.
This activity set is available to buy on Amazon aswell as many other stores.


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