Kids Stuff Crazy Soap

Kids Stuff Crazyhas been delivering bath time fun for over 20 years! Providing a range of unique fun and child friendly bathing products with gentle formulations to cleanse and moisturise young skin.

20130612-185830.jpg. My kids were super excited to see the range of crazy bath stuff they were sent (for review) and they couldn’t wait to try them out. They were sent
*Bath time foam soap in green a white. This amazing stuff can be shaped and bounced whilst cleansing and moisturising young skin
*Bath time body paint in red. PH balanced to gently cleanse and moisturise, kids can paint themselves away as it washes off and away very easily:
*Bath Goo thick scoopable bath gel that forms bubbles when mixed with water.
My kids love these products and it’s hard getting them out of the bath now instead of in
I managed to get a photo of the crazy soap to show you what it’s like.

20130612-190419.jpg. Only needed a small squirt for this much foam.
Crazy soap can be found in supermarkets and more information on their products can be found here

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