Bayard Children's Magazines

My older two children were sent a collection of magazines from Bayard.

Bayard is an international company who have been producing children’s magazines for over 40 years. The magazines feature both well known authors and illustrators from around the world and are both fun and educational for children of varying ages.

20130607-100817.jpg. Designed in mind for children ages 3 and over. Featuring 30 page stories that children will enjoy listening to, Animals and science pages, comic strips, rhymes and lots of fun and games.

20130607-101208.jpg great for kids aged 7-9 years old. Contains stories, nature topics, fun & games and comic strips.

20130607-101412.jpg. Great for the older child aged 9 and over. Lots of history events and facts, Animals, Science, the world and more ( jokes, puzzles etc)
Your kids will love these magazines as I do and you can purchase them on a regular monthly low cost subscription service viaDominique Creasy. You will also find out more information and the educational benefits of these magazines on the website


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