Izebella's high chair experience

Izebella is almost 7 months and we started weaning her at around 20 weeks. She still isn’t quite sat up by herself and so far has been having food in her Cushi Tush Seat.
Weaning has been a little difficult as she won’t eat much savoury. I think the problem is that she wants feed herself. So I thought it was time to try the big girl highchair.

I purchased her chair for an amazing low price of Β£7.50 brand new from our local monthly kids car boot sale It’s just the right height and so easy to fold away.

Izebella loved being in her big chair and I found it so easy to sit at the table and feed her. I gave her lots of bits of finger food and fruit etc and managed a few spoonfuls in too inbetween.

20130502-131908.jpg. She loves her toast fingers and loved making lots of mess for mummy to clean later ha.


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