I often feel like I live at my doctors or the hospital. I never seem to be away .
Today Izebella is not only teething and suffering but she also has a bad cough and runny nose.

Doctors won’t give her anything so we are relying on calgel, calpol and this little find.

20130412-135642.jpg. I used this for Ryan (almost 9) when he was a baby and havnt seen it since until today. Izebella too young for normal Vicks vapour rub but this stuff is great and can be used from three months. Really seems to help her breathe better.
After dropping kids off at school this morning. I returned home and made a cup of tea. I then get a call from school- Ryan has a sticky sore eye so had to go get him and go doctors. Poor boy has conjunctivitis in left eye.

20130412-140040.jpg. You can’t see it well in photo but it’s all red and itchy. He now has drops and we have to bathe it with cool boiled water on cotton wool every few hours. We hope it’s gone by his birthday on Tuesday.



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